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Construction [Feb. 10th, 2005|10:24 pm]
After Garden :: ffviii roleplay

As may of you may have noticed, construction has been slightly delayed...

According to our contractor, it should really begin next Tuesday, the 15th. Please keep this in mind. We're working out classrooms and classes, so please bare with us. We'll try to have all this worked out before construction starts, we hope.

To make things easier on all of us, please keep OUT of the taped off areas. Those are the first parts of Garden that are going to be rebuilt, so please try to spend your free time elsewhere...there is a whole city for it.

For those students who have to relocate dorms - you will be assigned a new dorm room and room mate shortly. Some SeeDs are willing to double bunk during the construction, so please be curtious to your new room mates.

Lastly, please do not stand on the cafeteria tables. For whatever reason, this has suddenly become a trend. People eat on those. Feet should not be on them. Please refrain from doing so.

Thank you.
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Esthar Protocol [Jan. 23rd, 2005|05:12 pm]
After Garden :: ffviii roleplay

I would like to post a...friendly reminder from the staff to the students...

Please try to stay on task during class. You may check out the city during your break time, provided to get back in time for your next class, exam, or curfew. We've been having an increase in tardies. If this continues, we are going to have a closed campus until the class hours are over.

The cafeteria crew is looking for some volunteers to help with preparing dinner. If you're interested, please check in with them during lunch. You will recieve extra credit community service hours if you want them. But please, do not take any of the food with you afterwards. We've had problems with this in the past (if you remember the hot dog shortage a few months back).

Also, a note to SeeDs. Please contact me if you are called on a mission. I want to work out some transportation issues.
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(no subject) [Jan. 2nd, 2005|10:59 pm]
After Garden :: ffviii roleplay
*voice over PA system*

Good evening, students and staff. I have a few important announcements to make, and then I will let you go back to your duties.

Tomorrow morning, the Garden will be setting course for Esthar as planned. Mobile Garden Authority staff, perform the routine checks as per usual. Everyone else enjoy the ride, since we will be crossing the ocean near the FH highway for several days.

Also, I am proud to announce that the Garden Renovation Committee has selected a bid offer for construction! We have chosen a company in Esthar, which will begin construction in early March. The model for our planned renovations is still on display in my office, and soon will be moved down to the 1F lobby for public viewing. If anyone has any questions, talk to myself or Xu, or access the "Garden Renovation" area of your student panel.

That is all for now.

*end PA transmission*
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Maitenence Over [Dec. 26th, 2004|02:56 pm]
After Garden :: ffviii roleplay

[mood |okayokay]

Alright, this community is up and running. Feel free to post any announcements, chat, whatever.

I would like it if you all could stop by Headmaster Cid's office sometime in the next few days. They've constructed a model of what the new Garden is going to look like. Be sure to give your opinions.
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